Child Evangelism Fellowship Watertown Tri County

The success of the ministry of CEF rests heavily on our volunteers. We can use people with any skill set in some form or capacity. If you are interested in volunteering with CEF in any capacity, please contact us to discuss what needs you can best fill.

If you would like to volunteer with CEF, you can fill out a volunteer application. But you will need to contact us before we will process your application.

How is God Calling You?

We have need for the following volunteer positions to be filled. Please contact us if you think you would be a good fit for any of these or another position.

– Good News Club Teachers/Helpers:  Teachers teach Bible lessons from provided curriculum among other tasks. Teachers must go through a training (scheduled occasionally but also available on DVD) in order to teach in clubs.

– Good News Club Assistant Teachers and Helpers: Assistant teachers teach things like memory verses or missionary stories. They are trained to do these things though the training is not as extensive. Helpers are also needed just to lead small groups, pass out snacks, and possibly lead a game or song.

– Good News Club Administrative Assistant: This could be in addition to or separate from serving in a Good News Club. We need someone to help with the paperwork end of things, making copies, tracking attendance and others records.

– Good News Club Refreshments Coordinator: We need people willing to provide our clubs with refreshments every week. These could be store bought or homemade items.

– Office Volunteers: There is much to be done in the CEF office! You can volunteer to help with tasks like stuffing newsletters, cutting out things, and office organization.

– Oversight of Special Projects: We have several special projects that go on in the office like our fundraiser “Coins for Kids” or sending out the newsletter. We can use people to be in charge of some of these special projects.